Accounts Payable



Works in conjunction with General Ledger System to:

bulletProcess all accounts payable, including recording vendor invoices.
bulletPrint and reconcile cheques.
bulletUpdate ledger accounts.
bulletAdapt to conform to present manual accounts payable standards.
bulletGenerate general ledger postings.
bulletProduce audit trails of all data inputted.
bulletProvide video or printed reports of vendor status.
bulletSupply regular and aged trial balances.
bulletIncorporate routines into the system to organize and purge records on a regular basis.
bulletAdapt to integrate with a multi-company or multi-divisional Accounts Payable System.




bulletEases load of data entry by allowing input of batches of invoices of fixed dollar amounts payable on a regular basis. (eliminates need to re-enter each time.
bulletAllows assignment of monthly, bi-annual or annual time periods
bulletFixed invoices are included in all audit trails and reports.
bulletNo invoice is overlooked or missed.
bulletAllows scanning of invoices on file for review on video or hard copy.
bulletAccommodates deletion of invoices individually or by batch.
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