Partners in

Planning Your Company Future


What We Do

Brown & Associates Consulting Group develops and supports cost-effective, adaptable software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.  Our services include consulting, programming, custom installations, maintenance, systems integration and outstanding technical support.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Our long-standing consulting approach:  We make it our business first to know your business, before we make any specific recommendations.

We take the time to understand your market(s), the forces that drive change in your industry - and most importantly, your vision of success two or three years down the road.

We truly do partner with you.

Twenty-Eight Years Experience

In an industry that sees companies come and go in a year, Brown & Associates boasts a 28-year history of ongoing growth and success in meeting our clients' needs.  Our wealth of field experience supports the sound judgments we provide in assessing your needs.  We're also clearly here for the long haul.

Consulting/Custom Software

As it meets a wider number of company needs, the computer industry is becoming increasingly complex.

All you want to do is run your business effectively.

From feasibility studies to systems review, from system selection and analysis to design and implementation - Brown & Associates will help you get the most effective technology, with the minimum investment of time.

We provide a wide range of custom software that has been field-proven, again and again.  We also source "best of" shrink-wrap products, and ensure their smooth integration.


In addition to our systems consultants, our backup team of experienced programmers and technicians ensure continuity of support and services.

We know how important your systems are to you.  Brown & Associates offers fast response support and backup.

Count on us.  After all, we're partners.



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