Accounts Receivable



bulletPosts open items as direct invoices against customer accounts.
bulletSets up master files to process data according to customer, territory, ship-to-address, salesman, sales class, province, activity and/or payment type.
bulletSets up master file according to your specifications.
bulletApplies cash receipts against invoice records.
bulletAdjusts outstanding open accounts.
bullet"Ages" invoices and calculates interest on overdue accounts.
bulletProduces statements on amounts due from each customer.
bulletRecords each collection call made to a customer.
bulletPrints collection records for all, or a selected range of customers.
bulletPurges collection records up to and including a given date-optional hard or video copies.
bulletRecords, in the history file, receipts, records and transactions that are purged from the Open Items file.




bulletHandles any number of companies or company branches.
bulletRetains all information from Accounts Receivable Open Items file that would normally be lost in purging.
bulletAllows scanning of history file for customer inquiries.


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