General Ledger



bulletHandles all general ledger accounting needs, producing reports, trial balances and profit and loss statements on a group, company, division, department and section basis.
bulletStores up to ten different annual budgets for each company.
bulletMaintains up to 999 permanent and reversing permanent journal entries in a separate file for automatic monthly processing.
bulletAt month end, accumulates all detailed transaction records for each account, posting to history file.
bulletInsures ongoing balance in journal entries, maintaining consistency unless specifically modified.
bulletStores det``ails of each month’s journal entries for internal control and auditing purposes.
bulletProvides up to date information for all account inquiries.
bulletTies all sub ledgers into a central account system.
bulletMaintains two files: detailed transaction file and history file.
bulletStores an entire year of general ledger detail in year-to-date file.
bulletAt year end, saves all current year detail and history to archival files.
bulletProduces pro forma profit and loss statements.
bulletDisplays a company year-to-date General Ledger Report by specified month or for a selected range of accounts.
bulletRegardless of budget level, produces a company budget by accumulating. totals across all levels.
bulletForecasts budgets from existing budgets, allows modification to reflect future conditions.
bulletCompares actual financial status to present and future budgets.




bulletAllows all opeerations to perform simultaneously on any number of terminals.
bulletAllows journal modifications and new entries at any time.
bulletPrevents purge before transfer of month details.
bulletAllows option to review detailed month transactions after purge.
bulletAllows viewing or printing of all transactions for prior years.
bulletAll sub ledgers tie into a central control account.
bulletProvides a deletion system to eliminate obsolete budgets.
bulletInsures zero balance on all journal entries before posting to detailed transaction file.
bulletContinually displays company or division name as well as running balance of journal entries.
bulletContinuallyprovides option to review a batch in print or on screen and edit incorrect entries to balance without deleting or re-entering batch.


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