bulletPerform all your mandatory paying functions in every pay period.
bulletHandle the hiring, employing, terminating and rehiring of several hundred employees in a calendar year or in any one pay period.
bulletPay employees on an hourly or salary basis.
bulletHandle employees in one or more companies and/or divisions.
bulletPrint T-4 forms for each employee from the year to date file.
bulletPrint pay cheques for each employee with stubs showing the details of each cheque.




bulletEasy to operate
bulletHundreds of tests validate input data as it is entered
bulletPermits inquiry of all data stores for one or more employees
bulletPermits maintaining and printing data in employee master and employee deduction file
bulletSystem allows storage of employee type code, regular, overtime, special shift and special premium rate hours, a work location code and a labour distribution code
bulletSystem can calculate all mandatory government deductions and all elective deductions
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